who we are

If you spend enough time around St. Peter's then you will hear this phrase, "St. Peter's is a community of faith, celebrating Christ—serving Mid-City/Bayou St. John." You can find out the story of who we are, why we are, and what we are doing in Mid-City with that simple phrase. What this phrase is saying is this: we are a people who follow Jesus.

Why the name St. Peter's?  In my study of the gospels, especially, the Gospel of Mark, I'm amazed at how Peter is presented and in contrast to how we normally view him.  Over and over again, Peter, the "great" Peter, is seen as a broken mess who doesn't fully grasp who Jesus is even though he is constantly in his presence.  He makes mistakes, he's a sinner, he's broken, just like all of us.  Yet, Jesus gives him some big kingdom responsibilities, much like he does us.  It's not about us having it all figured out and understanding everything and living right before we do what he wants us to do.  It's about trusting Jesus amidst our brokenness and weaknesses and lack of understanding and fear.  

Jesus says in the Bible that the greatest commandment in all of the Scriptures is this, "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and all your strength. The second is like it, love your neighbor as yourself." This simple creed of loving God and loving others can transform one's life. It reminds us that we are defined not simply by what we accomplish, what we are able to gather, or even by how much frustration and brokenness is in our lives. Rather, we are defined by the reality that the Creator of Heaven and Earth loves humankind and it is His will that we echo that love toward others. In other words, we are a people who follow Jesus and His message of grace in the gospel.

So what is the story of St. Peter's? The story is this: We are a people who believe that God loves deeply and He enables us to love others just as deeply, like Jesus. I invite you to become part of this new community of faith in Mid-City to taste the genuine love of God found in Jesus Christ. Wherever you are in your journey of exploring who God is, St. Peter's is a community of people where you can explore that in the context of friendships. If you would like to talk more about St. Peter's or anything else, please get in touch. We would truly delight to get to know you and speak with you more.


Rev. Shane Gibson