The Scriptures teach that children are a gift from the Lord and we take that seriously. We give thanks for every child that we have the opportunity to love and care for so please know that your child's physical and spiritual safety are at the forefront of our minds!

If you are a member of St. Peter's Presbyterian Church, you can join us by volunteering to teach or assist our kids. This is a good way to foster relationships between children, adults, and families in our church. You are also invited to share God’s love with our babies and toddlers during worship time. Currently we only have nursery/children's church during the worship service set aside for our little ones. Our hope and goal is to think of creative ways to serve our kids as our group grows.

If you would like to share your passion for communing with God through music, art, writing, science, or technology, please join us to brainstorm ways we can inspire our children to express what they are learning.

We are a small congregation but we do hope to show all people, no matter the age, the love and mercy of our Heavenly Father.